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Wiloke Filter Cards (Categories)

Wiloke Filter Cards (Categories) allows displaying your categories on any page with the Wiloke Filter Card interface.
Firstly, We need to add a featured image to the category.
Step 1: Go to Plugins -> Add New and then Install Advanced Custom Field plugin
Step 2: From the admin sidebar, click on ACF -> Field Groups -> Add a new field group
Step 3: Add an image field type to this group. The setting must exactly like the below:
  1. 1.
    The Field Name must be featured_image (it's very important)
  2. 2.
    The Return Format must set to Image Array
Step 4: Settings box
Under the Rules setting box, you can set to any taxonomy you want to use with the Wiloke Filter Cards. In this example, I will add this group to Category.
Step 1: Go to Posts -> Categories
Step 2: Edit / Add New a category
Step 3: You will see the created field in this area -> Upload a Featured Image to this category

Adding Categories to Home Page

  1. 1.
    Go to Pages -> Your Home page
  2. 2.
    Edit with Elementor
  3. 3.
    Click Add New element icon to create a new section and then search for Wiloke Filter Cards widget
  4. 4.
    Drag Wiloke Filter Cards (Categories) to the section
  5. 5.
    Complete all settings and click Update / Publish button